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9 Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage

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A good summary of 9 ways to use a reverse mortgage was published by Mary Beth Franklin – in Investment News June 2016.  Investment News is a leading reference source for Financial Planners.  Titled “9 surprising ways to use a reverse mortgage” is an excellent summary of how a reverse mortgage can compliment a solid financial plan.  
  • Reverse Mortgage Money and HousePay off an existing mortgage
  • Replace a home equity line of credit
  • information on credit scoring
  • Protect your portfolio
  • Fund future long-term care or income needs
  • Create a Social Security bridge following basic tips
  • Manage Taxes
  • Pay Roth conversion taxes
  • Buy a new home
  • Gray Divorce Strategy
  • Seek help from fixmy.credit
    Working with an experienced reverse mortgage loan officer is the key to make sure the guidance and education shared with a client is on point and considers the overall financial plan of the senior. Clay Selland is a CPA and the owner broker of Signet Mortgage Corporation. Clay is uniquely qualified to assist about demountable office partitions for your workspace as they consider financing of their home including conventional and reverse mortgage financing and how it fits with their financial plans now and going forward. Contact me today to find out if a Reverse Mortgage is the best option for you! clay signature black         Clay Selland, President Signet Mortgage Corporation 925-807-1500 x303 Clay@SignetMortgage.com NMLS#183492  

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