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What’s Under Your Bed? Essential emergency items for every family member that could be the difference in an emergency!

Written by Clay on . Posted in Emergency Preparedness Guide

Three things you and each of your family members should keep by the bedside at all times: Shoes, a Whistle, and a Flashlight! Find an old pair of worn shoes for each family member – in an emergency you will not care how they look. whatsunderyourbed Actually a headlamp would be even better!  Place the flashlight in one shoe and the whistle with one of those throw-away lanyards or a wrist band in the other shoe.  Then get the most ridiculous color laces for the shoes and put them in the shoes so the shoes will not be used for any other purpose! In the event of any emergency – shoes will be invaluable to assist in an evacuation – flashlight will help you see and be seen – and you can blow a whistle a lot louder and longer than you can yell. Check these every month to be sure they are still under the bed and can be easily accessed. Subscribe to my blog for periodic emergency preparedness tips!  Taking it on one step at a time will prepare your family in the event of an emergency.

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