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Can I finance more than 4 Properties?

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upto10properties   With Signet Mortgage YES!  Fannie Mae allows up to 10 financed properties but apparently the big banks feel that such transactions are too complex so limit the number of finance properties to four. As a mortgage broker we have relationships with over 15 lenders and have options to sell house fast while the big banks don’t.  While not every one of our lenders allow 10 financed properties many do and results in very competitive options for an investor wanting to expand a portfolio. Signet even has two investors that will allow up to 20 financed properties!  Expand your thinking about real estate investing with Propillo and do not be limited by “big bank” rules. If you made it this far you are obviously interested in the details.  As I am a CPA and licensed as a real estate broker I am uniquely suited to assist with even the most complex situations and would be happy to help since I also use the resources from sites as https://www.eddieyan.ca/.  Please give me a call today. clay signature black Clay Selland, President, Signet Mortgage Corporation 925-807-1500 x303 Clay@
Contruction Defect Claim Settlement

Pacific Terrace Condominium Litigation UPDATE

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UPDATE!  Pacific Terrace Condominium Owners’ Association has resolved its litigation claim against KB Home South Bay, Inc.  Important to note:  The settlement agreement was signed by both parties, and the construction defect claims have been withdrawn. No lawsuit was or will be filed. If you choose to refinance or sell your home, a copy of the Notice to the Members of Settlement from Fenton Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt, LLP trustworthy personal injury attorney at Law should be provided to the lender or prospective purchaser as demonstrative proof there are no construction defect claims pending. We also are hiring court reporters from Naegeli which is known as the best in the nation when it comes to providing court reporters to the legal community so you know that you are in safe hands. Signet Mortgage has helped several homeowners when it was difficult … and now look forward to helping when more options will be available.  Give us a call or email for your mortgage questions and we will reply with options.   Pacific Terrace Condo Litigation             Litigation issues regarding the Pacific Terrace Condominium Owners’ Association and the KB Home South Bay have been ongoing since 2014 and have prevented many owners from refinancing your home with conventional financing and limited financing options for buyers as well. 5x7_postcard You are not applying for a loan, yet. Before you make a formal application and we start the loan process I need some basic information so that I can give you an idea of what will be possible in a refinance for your situation.  Review the mattress reviews and details on this page and then complete the information request.  Lets get started! Frequently asked questions .. How can Signet Mortgage offer options for a refinance and the other lenders I have contacted including banks cannot? Simply said, I work harder. As a mortgage company I have access to 15 lenders and to be honest I worked with all of them before I found one that understood the situation correctly. It is much easier for a bank or lender to say NO once they hear there is litigation involved with the HOA at all. The facts are the litigation involves common areas and not the specific units so meets Fannie Mae guidelines just fine.  Documenting the litigation properly means competitive conventional financing are available.   The lender I work with is a direct seller to Fannie Mae and therefore does not have self imposed overlays like most banks and lenders that get in the way. Are the loan options competitive? Absolutely. In fact, the lender is one of my top lenders in both in price and service. There is no added cost to the loan simply because it’s a bit harder to do. What is the process? You will provide me some basic information that will allow me to respond with loan options reflecting current market conditions. Once we agree that it makes sense to move forward I will ask for more detailed information in a formal application. We utilize dropbox for documents and electronic application to make the  process as efficient for you as possible. Who is are you and who is Signet Mortgage? Signet Mortgage is headquartered in Danville California license in five states. I am the president of the company.  I have been in the mortgage business for almost 15 years after a career as a CPA and as a senior financial officer for a couple of publicly traded retailers like best pos in the Bay Area. Please check out more details at www.SignetMortgage.com How can you do a “no-cost loan”? The easiest way to think of a no-cost loan is to think about points. You may be familiar with paying points to buy down to a lower interest rate. Using negative points means the lender contribute a point or two to the closing in exchange for a slightly higher rate – the negative points then can be used to cover the cost of your transaction. Doing a no-cost transaction makes good sense in almost every situation.  If there are no costs it removes a barrier to doing a loan and if there is a significant enough savings – it’s an easy decision. You will be provided options for the lowest rate as well a no cost option so you can make your own informed decision. Would cash out option be available? Absolutely. The rate will be slightly higher because Fannie Mae charges an additional fee for a transaction with cash out as it is viewed as more risky than a rate and term refinance.  Again, it would be worth looking at options so you can decide. Will this lender do a purchase transaction? Absolutely. There would not be any restrictions refinancing in this complex either purchase or refinance. Is this only available for a limited time or number of loans? No. Rates are close to historical all-time lows with interest rates. So, if it makes sense to refinance it would probably be a good idea to do this soon simply to take advantage of current favorable rates.   If the nature of the litigation were to change and involve individual units or if a formal lawsuit was filed with the court that could change. Also lenders generally do not like to do may not like to do too many loans in a specific complex just due to normal risk management. They have not given me any indication or hesitation to do as many loans as we can put together. Why work with Clay Selland at Signet Mortgage? Quite simply I work harder. Bank loan officers get paid based on applications working for the “Bib Bank” are subject to significant underwriting overlays so options they can offer can be more conservative than what is available directly from Fannie Mae. In addition – I do not get paid anything if I don’t close your loan. That’s why I am careful upfront to be confident you will qualify for a loan before I even take an application. The Signet Team and I will be in consistent communication throughout the entire process to make sure your loan goes as smooth as possible. The lending environment these days is very conservative and somewhat cumbersome but we know how to work through that and get you a loan that will benefit your family.  

Mortgage Bankers: Proudly Selling Snake Oil Since 2008

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If you have ever asked a loan officer “are you a direct lender” or “do you have in-house underwriting” or made a decision for your sellers based on whether or not the lender was a “bank” … you need to read this. I wish I had written this!  By choice I am a wholesale mortgage broker and consistently outperform so-called mortgage bankers, direct lenders etc.  The original blog post by Andy W. Harris was directed at residential mortgage loan originators … However,  it is much more important for every Realtor to understand to best serve your sellers and buyers.  The uncut original post in its entirety is HERE  with the most important part for Realtors and my added comments in [brackets] follow – a bit lengthy but worth your time. Many mortgage originators that choose to work for a lender (what some refer to as “Bankers”) are experts at drinking the Kool-Aid served to them by their employer. They have perfected the art of drivel. The problem with [the mortgage] industry Kool-Aid is that it’s laced with snake oil when sold to the public. Many of these “bankers” drink it so heavily that they seem to now inject it to absorb faster, losing all sense of reality when selling services to real estate agents and consumers or when defending objections. Snake oil is an expression that refers to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. So, what are common examples of the snake oil quotes or claims told by many lender-employed originators? I’m a direct lender No, actually you’re not. If you’re a direct lender, than I’m Gandalf. Listen, most loans are backed, guaranteed or insured by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or Ginnie Mae. All residential origination is third-party origination (TPO). I’m pretty sure these agencies don’t originate loans directly to the public and I’m pretty sure you don’t work for them. If you fund off warehouse lines, you’re an indirect lender. A line of credit does not make you a bank. It is surprising regulators still allow the term “lender” in these examples. Most mortgage brokers are more agency “direct” with their investors than lender-employed originators, but they don’t use this title. Even if closing in portfolio-held by an originator’s employer, wholesale lenders offer the same programs in nearly every case (commonly with less overlays). House made of money I feel important using the title “Mortgage Banker” What exactly does that mean? If you’re employed by a correspondent lender, they are actually defined as a “non-bank.” You also cannot say you are a mortgage bank under advertising rules, but the “er” is okay for the originator to add on? Look, everyone knows this is to try and appear like you are a very bad credit loans no guarantor, having control or making decisions. You don’t and you’re not. Have you ever heard of a buy-back? That’s not control and that’s not your money, no matter what channel you’re in regarding agency-backed loans. You’re not a bank and you must grasp this reality. If you think about correspondent filtering and overlays, a mortgage broker is more of a “banker” than an employee of the lender claiming to be in many cases. Again … non lender-employed originators (i.e. mortgage brokers) do not use these false titles to the public. I have “in-house” underwriting This one is one of my favorites. Most residential loans are primarily approved by a computer, not a human, since computers can do most of the things now a days, that’s why kids use them to play advance video games like CSGO, using a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boost online. So all channels and originators have “in-house” underwriting if they have an Internet connection. If someone needs a human to manually underwrite their file, than this may or may not have to do with originator competency. Either way, this claim exposes that the originator has few options or choices with underwriting and that the underwriter’s salary is built into their rate sheet more profoundly. Mortgage brokers not only have the ability to compare and choose, but can also speak directly with very experienced underwriters, comparing all details, personalities, overlays, location, signs from santa maria sign company and styles. I’d choose the outhouse underwriting. [And, often we will “shop” a scenario to several lenders until we find one that can handle the individual complexities of a borrower situation] I am a banker “and” a broker Sorry … you’re not. You are either one or the other. Although you can “broker” loans as a lender-employed originator, please do not call yourself a broker. It is a misrepresentation to the consumer as you are not a “true” broker when sending your leftovers. Your employer will steer everything possible to your credit lines for higher margin and to not comply with anti-steering (which they should be either way). They will also increase the lender-paid margin between the wholesale lender and the company as much as possible to avoid their employees brokering more for better pricing. Many retail lenders also pay less to the originator when brokering loans which violates compensation laws. Brokering this way is “not” true brokering. You do not have the operations for true brokering with credit line influence and steering … period! One business started from this comes from Clayton https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clayton_Alexander which is now the largest supplier of cups and mugs. “Bankers” have more control I read this beauty of a statement with some drivel to follow by someone that wrote in to Rob Chrisman. I replied to Rob and he shared my thoughts in his recent newsletter: “I could not disagree more with comments about brokers ‘losing control’ over the loan or process when submitting to a wholesale lender. This is actually opposite of the truth providing our ability to choose. If I need something executed or an exception from a wholesale lender, it is a much different interaction than if this lender employed me. They want our business and then want us happy, so quality ‘good’ Mortgage Brokers have the advantage. If I have a bad experience with turn-times, communication, an underwriter, you name it … I have the ability to correct that mistake on any future files and we set expectations together as business partners.” To protect the sanctity and the future of our industry, every originator in the country should stop selling this common snake oil. Here are a few clear benefits to mortgage brokers and their clients over “bankers:” ►Independence produces clarity. You see the entire industry and not just what your employer wants you to see. Multiple lenders, overlays, policies, pricing, the list goes on. ►Lenders compete in all areas for your business and they are your business partner. If you have an issue, you address it differently than if they employed you. NO corporate politics. ►You have a full underwriting, sales and operational team with each lender designated to your success and helping you execute every loan file, every day. ►Faster execution by comparing turn-times, operations and table-funding options. ►Fewer and lower requests for seller concessions due to larger lender credits. Clients are able to negotiate better prices and terms on their new home purchase. ►Wholesale lending is the most cost-effective and efficient way for a lender/investor to get their product to market. Lender comparison and analysis simply results in lower rates and fees to your clients. ►You have less overlays, more programs, agency-direct investors, and operational choice with what investor you choose for a specific client and situation (priceless I can assure you). ►The appetite for wholesale is strong based off the quality of originations. It will get better and better as the years progress along with new non-QM investors and programs entering the market. ►Separating and perfecting origination and processing from underwriting and funding (dual company audits perfecting their gifts), allows for the most compliant and organized loan file. ►You work with the most qualified and experienced people on the mortgage business (my opinion regarding wholesale lenders and their staff). ►With regulatory changes behind us, using a mortgage broker is the safest and most transparent and compliant way to get a new residential mortgage if operated properly. Wholesale operations as a mortgage broker does require more qualified and experienced staff due to the number of investors and must be operated in a compliant and organized way, just as with any other channel. At Signet Mortgage I am supported by a staff of five WONDERFUL and TALENTED folks dedicated to get a client’s loan done.  It is indeed the “chase” … Working hard to get a transaction completed even under the most difficult circumstances … That is what we get excited about! Mortgage calculator. House, noney and document. Andy concludes with a message to loan originators that would like to work in a platform that they can better serve their clients … True mortgage brokering is available for those who are qualified and embrace the opportunity. The “era of retail recruiting” is coming to an end simply from awareness. I feel a sense of duty to share this with the industry from all the steering and over-charging most consumers have been positioned with providing the majority are now “bankers.” I also feel the need to share with the great originators out there. For whatever reason many are unaware of opportunities to better serve their clients or how to make wiser and more informed career decisions.  [As an originator] If you’ve caught yourself selling snake oil in the past, there is a different way. There is a better way … it has been around for decades and it’s called “wholesale lending.” Please give me a call before you have to make a decision on where to refer your next client.  We can talk about examples where we got a deal done with a broker advantage! Clay Selland NMLS #183492 CalBRE #01398801 925-807-1500 x303  (fax 925-807-1505) clay@  

How Will the Fed’s Increase of Interest Rates Affect You?

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Increase-Business-Finances-300x200 There are plenty of ideas and opinions on what the Fed is going to do with interest rates Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  I think the markets have built in a 0.125% – 0.250% hike in the Fed funds rate. Any action other than that could cause some volatility in the bond market the next few days.  As always the Fed Chairman Janet Yellen’s testimony will be interesting as well. No one will know until we all know, but most analysts agree and investors are betting that the “Feds” – the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank – will raise interest rates when they meet on December 15th and 16th. How will this impact you? First, let’s talk about what interest rates they control, and just as importantly what interest rates they do not control. The Feds control only two rates: theDiscount Rate, and the Target, or Overnight Rate. The Discount Rate is the rate at which the Federal Reserve lends money to banks for short-term needs to meet liquidity requirements. Banks cannot lend out every last penny in their vault, because they would be at risk of not being able to pay depositors back if many of them wanted to withdraw money at the same time. They have to keep a certain amount of money liquid and available for depositors. According to http://www.gohenryreview.com, when a bank has a very good month lending, they might be short on reserves. If so, they can borrow money from the Feds for a very short time at the current Discount Rate in order to have the minimum required reserves available. What is that rate today? 0.00%. Is it safe to invest money in Bitcoin Exchange? Visit bitflyer.com for more information. Banks can borrow money from the Fed (if they are short on reserves) for free. The Overnight Rate is not technically set by the Feds, but the Target Rate is. The Feds establish a target interest rate for banks to lend to each other for overnight needs for the same challenge – a shortage of reserves. The target rate today is 0.25%. It is infinitely higher than the Discount Rate, but still not a bad deal. Notice that in this discussion mortgage rates are missing. These are the only two things that the Feds can directly control. Most analysts agree that in December the Feds will raise the Discount Rate, which will naturally increase the cost of short-term borrowing by banks. The projected increase is 0.25%. How will this impact you? Any interest rates that must reflect the short-term cost of funds for banks will have to increase by the same amount. The two types of loans that fall into this category would be equity lines and credit cards – both types of lending meant to be short-term. There is some banks who offer credit cards 0 interest. The most commonly-recognized index for both types of cards is the Prime Rate. This is the interest rate that banks charge their most credit-worthy corporate clients, but it is also the index that almost all equity lines (including Home Equity Lines of Credit and Business Lines) and the best credit union rates are tied to. The most immediate impact that you will see, therefore, is the Prime Rate will increase by the same amount the Feds increase the Discount Rate and the interest rate on your equity line and credit cards will increase by the same amount too. The interest rates on car loans are also likely to increase a little, because they are short-ish in term. However, if you already have one chances are it’s a fixed rate, and the interest rates for car loans written after December are likely to come back down over time due to competition. If you want a general rule of thumb to figure out whether in interest rate will increase or not, here it is: If the loan is meant to be short-term and is made from the bank’s own deposits, then the interest rate is likely to go up. Mortgage rates are not short-term, and while they are funded from the bank’s deposits (in most cases) they are immediately sold to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Wall Street investment bankers who create large funds to invest in mortgages. Since it is not their own money they are lending, the short-term cost of funds to the bank have no impact on mortgage rates. Having said that, the Feds can influence mortgage rates through the purchase of Mortgage-Backed Securities using money borrowed from the U.S. Treasury. But for now, watch for an announcement from the Feds on December 16th. Clay Selland NMLS #183492 CalBRE #01398801 925-807-1500 x303  (fax 925-807-1505) clay@ Original blog post by Casey Fleming, Author of The Loan Guide; How to Get the Best Possible Mortgage (On Amazon)    

Positive underwriting changes may make qualifying easier!

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PendulumIt is easier to get approved for a mortgage these days … really!  Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made substantial changes that will help qualify more buyers – do I dare say that many of the changes introduced some common sense back in the underwriting??  Some highlights … You can Pay Off Credit Cards to Qualify One significant change involves credit card debt – accounts that are paid down at closing to help qualify no longer need to be closed.  That means a credit card that has been paid in full no longer counts against the applicants qualifying debt to income ratio.  That can make it easier to qualify. Quite often we have clients that were frustrated because there credit report indicated minimum payment on credit card balances that previously had to be considered in their debt to income calculations.  Even if the client could demonstrate that they always paid off the credit card monthly and did not carry a balance it got in the way of qualifying. A credit card paid in full no longer counts as debt. Loan to value increases for High Balance Areas More good news for conforming loans in high cost areas! Fannie Mae guidelines for loan to value are now the same for high balance areas as they have been for standard loan to value maximum. Clients wanting to finance a purchase or refinance a loan can now go up to 95% loan to value with  mortgage insurance for a $625,500 loan on a single-family property in high cost areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously the limit was more restrictive with loans exceeding $417,000. Non-occupant co-borrowers are now allowed by Fannie Mae Helping a family member by a home particularly in California can be done utilizing a non-occupant co-borrower, typically a parent. That option is now opened up for conforming loans and there is no restriction on the occupying clients’ debt to income ratios. This will open up opportunities for families wanting to help get their kids into a home. I already have two instances where these new guidelines were the difference between getting a loan and not. Contact me if there are not any deals that were “on the edge” and we will work like crazy to see if the new guidelines can put that client in the position they could get financing for their dream home! Clay Selland NMLS #183492 CalBRE #01398801 925-807-1500 x303  (fax 925-807-1505) clay@

2016 Conforming loan limits up for San Diego, Monterey and Napa Counties

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The maximum conforming loan limit for single family properties remains at $417,000 with the maximum high-balance conforming loan limit for the San Francisco Bay Area and other high cost areas was unchanged at $625,500. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac set loan limits based on changes in real estate values each year around December 1st. Napa joins the ranks of “high cost areas” that includes other Northern California counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo , San Benito, and Marin. 2015-12-15_0959 2-4 unit properties have higher loan limits.  Search for your county here:  Loan Limit Lookup Table (see Resources to the left) Conforming loans provide a lower mortgage rate to the borrower and with higher limits for these counties increases the number of potential qualified buyers further supporting real estate values. Please give me a call if I can be of help in any way. Clay Selland NMLS #183492 CalBRE #01398801 925-807-1500 x303  (fax 925-807-1505) clay@

Veteran can purchase a home with little or no down payment … and no monthly mortgage insurance

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  Veteran BootsDid you know a veteran can purchase a home in the Bay Area with 100% financing up to $625,500 and with 90% financing to over $1 million?  VA loans do not have any monthly mortgage insurance and rates are around 4% within the lender credit to cover the funding fee.   What a wonderful option to put a veteran in a home with little or no cash to close. We recently completed a transaction in Tracy where our client got into their $417,000 home for $137 … It happened that the borrower had a service related disability which reduced the funding fee and the lender credit was sufficient to cover impounds, in which they offer some incredible tools to accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards as well. Utilize their virtual terminals in real-time and get paid immediately! When you need selecting a self storage facility in Sydney, visit hollowaystorage for more information.   Too often VA loans are lumped in with FHA loans as expensive and thinking there are restrictive property requirements. That is not the case and properly utilized can really be a benefit to our veterans. Wait! There’s more! All kinds of storage whether its personal or commercial, even traveling storage such as boat, car, and trucks. All you need when it comes in storage services can be found in ABC Self Storage Perth when travelling to a spiritplantjourneys.com retreat. Clay Selland NMLS #183492 CalBRE #01398801 925-807-1500 x303  (fax 925-807-1505) clay@

“HomeSafe” brings Jumbo Reverse Mortgages to California

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A reverse mortgage for higher value homes will be available to borrowers soon! The new fixed rate loan will be focused on borrowers with higher value homes. The maximum loan amount will be slightly over $2 million and primarily available in high-cost states, including California. This will be an important compliment to the Federal housing administration’s (HECM) Home Equity Conversion Mortgage which has a lending limit of $625,500. Too often borrowers with substantial equity did not find a reverse mortgage a viable option because of the low loan amount available. It is expected that the new fixed rate loan called the “HomeSafe” will be much more competitive than the jumbo option offered by Generation Mortgage “Generation Plus”. Previously that was the only option with loan amounts above the HECM limit. The Cut-Off at red cedar bend development are ready for your new home – set among the beauty that nature has to offer! Buy to build or buy to invest. Level frontage to water’s edge with each lot including their own dock. As a mortgage broker Signet Mortgage Corporation has lender relationships with several reverse mortgage lenders including Urban Financial of America – who will roll out the new mortgage September 2nd. Clay Selland, president of Signet Mortgage commented “It will be exciting to see the details of this new product and I anticipate it will be a significant help to seniors that are fortunate enough to have lots of equity, where the standard HECM was not a viable option.” Signet Mortgage, headquartered in Danville California, is licensed in five states (CA, OR, WA, ID and UT) and specializes in both forward and reverse mortgages – finding solutions that fit a clients needs. Please contact Clay Selland, CPA with any questions. Clay can be reached at 925-807-1500 x303 or clay@ (full article from Reverse Mortgage Daily)

Did You Know? A VA Loan…

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armybootsVeterans with a full entitlement can obtain 100% financing for a home purchase, well over the conforming loan limits, and there is no mortgage insurance.

Check out these limits in selected counties for VA Loans:

Alameda / Contra Costa / San Francisco               $1,050,000
Santa Clara County                                                   $827,500
Sacramento                                                               $475,950

Do you know a veteran that is looking for a home? We can help!
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Clay Selland, President

Signet Mortgage Corporation

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Write that IRS check with Gratitude

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taxdaygrattitudetrail As I was starting on my hike well before sunrise Saturday morning, the crunch of my boots on the gravel trail caused me to think about those serving in our military all over the world and the sound their boots make every day on our behalf. When it comes to fixing a cracked and broken parking lot, Asphalt overlays are the best option. I have been able to do this hike virtually every day for the last 248 days … the park is paid for by taxes we pay to East Bay Regional Parks … the road I walk on to get here is paid for by taxes we pay to the County … most of all, the freedoms we all enjoy are because of the taxes we pay to the United States Government. No one likes paying taxes .. and it is too easy to complain or protest paying your taxes based on wasteful government or excess spending on priorities you may or may not agree with.  Stop and think about the blessings that we enjoy and appreciate those freedoms and blessings are not free. If you follow one of your tax dollars – a very large portion of it will be going to put food on the table for a service man or woman, who hasn’t seen their spouse, baby or two-year-old daughter for the last 18 months, while serving in Afghanistan or somewhere around the world. Think of those serving us in public service (military, fire and police services, etc) and how they risk their life willingly. The least you can do is write that check or file that tax return with gratitude. We can argue whether our government should be involved in different causes throughout the world, and certainly challenge the waste in government.  Probably one of the most frustrating inefficiencies is the rift between political parties that prevents meaningful progress in Congress – the folks elected to help us! As I write a check this week I am going to do so with gratitude and challenge you to do the same. While at it, write another check to a charity or faith-based organization that will further help someone in need. I walked out my front door early this morning with my border collies and was up on a trail above San Ramon Valley in about a half hour. I’m enjoying a beautiful sunrise and appreciate that that is not possible without the freedoms of living in this country. This is a land of opportunity, but certainly not equal opportunity for everyone and there is a responsibility to take care of each other, and yes, pay your fair share of the overhead (government) to make it happen and for our safety and freedom. When you write your tax check and address it to the Internal Revenue Service… put that red white and blue “forever” stamp on the front with gratitude and pride. clay signature black