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Be Prepared For Your OWN Emergency! Part Two

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COMMUNICATION IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY Your cell phone will not work! Many households do not have a land line telephone! Get an FRS radio for each member of the family and put an extra in the family car.  Cell phones are not likely to work – FRS radio will work – but have limited range.  Only designed to get you help and communicate within a short distance (under 2 miles). You can call New Braunfels Car Accident Lawyers | Burch Law Firm whenever there is an accident. For those seeking to clear their criminal record (also called expungement) expungement Michigan law requires meeting several important conditions. Losing a loved one is devastating and traumatizing. A death becomes particularly heartbreaking when it was caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. In Pennsylvania, a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought when a person dies as a result of another’s negligence or wrongdoing. Visit wrongfuldeathaccidenthelp.com to get help. There are two different types of civil litigation that could arise when a person is wrongfully killed by the negligent actions of another. A wrongful death action essentially deals with the losses sustained by surviving family members. A survival action, on the other hand, focuses on the losses the decedent would have sustained had he or she survived the incident that caused his or her fatal injuries. REI offers a very good summary of the FRS Radios and GMRS. Check them out HERE. A GMRS radio requires a license but is more powerful and longer range. I’ve found good radios at the following sites: www.amazon.com(FRS radio) Motorola $40 for a pair REI has  Motorola (FRS) for $35 pair (online only), more choices in store Radio Shack also has a several choices. Costco radios have 3 AA batteries … not as good but you still want the flexibility to run on AA batteries Make sure your radio comes with AA batteries.  When the power is out you will want to be able to put new batteries in your radio.  When you purchase it – recycle the battery pack – and carry spare AA batteries GET A HAM RADIO LICENSE/HAM RADIO In the hours and days following the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, in some affected areas, Amateur Radio was the only means of two-way communication Get the booklet from the local library! Read, study and find where an exam is available near you. Check it out HERE. Take the 35 question exam (you can take it more than once). Pay a $15 license fee. Check out www.hamcity.com for a LMR Two Way Ham Radio – should cost between $200 – $300. TAKE THE CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) CLASS Go HERE for upcoming classes and the Community Out Reach for the San Ramon Valley Fire Dept. You get a nifty green helmet, goggles, vest and a back pack!  Most of all you will understand how to be more prepared in the event you come across an emergency – a bus accident or an earthquake!  You will be prepared!  

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