Dave-WoodlandWelcome to Signet Mortgage Northwest Branch Office located in the Bown Crossing area of Boise, Idaho! We are all about taking you from where you are, to where you want to be! Tour the site and give me a call, Dave Woodland, Branch Manager 208.409.2288 (NMLS 283206).

At Signet Mortgage we do many hard-to-get-done loans, both commercial and residential. Certainly we offer competitive Freddie, Fannie, FHA and VA purchase and refi loans… and we do them with a smile. Here’s where we differ.

I and most of our brokers are former CPAs. We aren’t afraid to analyze options, do the research and take you where you want to be. Speaking of options, here are some of the settings where we can really shine – see if anything fits you or someone you know and tell them you know just the guy to take care of them.

  • Major Remodels/Renovations (borrow against the future value and fund the remodel, refi or purchase)
  • Custom Home Construction and/or Bare Land Purchases
  • Vacation homes
  • Jumbo loans and Professional/“Doctor Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages, (over age 62) both for purchase and refi
  • Principal Residences and Investment Properties in Idaho, Oregon, California and Utah
  • Commercial Property (apartments, retail, office, medical, industrial, hospitality, storage) lending – standard and hard-to-get-done

Thanks for giving me that minute! Give me a call at 208.409.2288.

Dave Signature

Dave is our Northwest Regional Manager located in the beautiful “City of Trees”, Boise, Idaho. He and his wife Satu first left the Bay Area in 2006 and relocated to the Northwest resort town of Bend, Oregon. Prior to that, Dave worked as a CPA and financial executive in Silicon Valley with semiconductor companies and one of the largest international CPA firms.


In 2014, Dave and Satu relocated to Boise, Idaho where they now live and work near the Boise River Greenbelt. (We know they really just wanted to be near grandsons Jonah and Andy.) Our Signet Mortgage Northwest Branch Office is now open in the Bown Crossing area of Boise, Idaho, conveniently located near Powell’s Sweet Shoppe.

Dave notes, “my financial services business background allows me to help people make dreams become reality”. Dave has a significant number of relationships with investors, a variety of lenders, commercial and residential brokers and attorneys that help serve his clients’ needs in order to get deals done.

When not financing deals, Dave can be found with his wife – walking or biking the Greenbelt, kayaking the Boise River, camping, skiing, or golfing. Come over to the house and they’ll challenge you to a game of bocce ball!

Dave Woodland (NMLS#283206) is licensed in CA, OR, UT and IDAHO.
He can be contacted at (208) 409-2288 or (877) 877-8420, Ext. 307, 3060 S. Rookery Lane Boise, ID 83706 or you can click to send mail to Dave

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