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Can I finance more than 4 Properties?

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upto10properties   With Signet Mortgage YES!  Fannie Mae allows up to 10 financed properties but apparently the big banks feel that such transactions are too complex so limit the number of finance properties to four. As a mortgage broker we have relationships with over 15 lenders and have options to sell house fast while the big banks don’t.  While not every one of our lenders allow 10 financed properties many do and results in very competitive options for an investor wanting to expand a portfolio. Signet even has two investors that will allow up to 20 financed properties!  Expand your thinking about real estate investing with Propillo and do not be limited by “big bank” rules. If you made it this far you are obviously interested in the details.  As I am a CPA and licensed as a real estate broker I am uniquely suited to assist with even the most complex situations and would be happy to help since I also use the resources from sites as https://www.eddieyan.ca/.  Please give me a call today. clay signature black Clay Selland, President, Signet Mortgage Corporation 925-807-1500 x303 Clay@

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