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Emergency Preparedness Christmas List

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Put these Emergency Preparedness Essentials at the top of your Christmas List this year.

Stocking Stuffers


For your shoes under everyone’s bed …

  • Very bright shoelaces
  • Whistle
  • LED headlamp / Flashlight
Emergency foil blanket (for go bag) $4.50 at REI Fire Starters Can Opener Light Sticks (emergency light) Survival candles You also need something to protect yourself with so visit this site where you can buy a stun gun http://stungunforsale.net/ Rain poncho Flashlight / Lantern

For you, for your Family


Emergency Backpack

  • 72 hour kit + first aid in a back pack $99 – $239
  • Go bag for every person

Backpack for GO Bag … each family member

Other Essentials (one per family)

  • Battery or hand crank radio
  • USB Drive to store significant documents
  • Earthquake Survival Tool (for gas/water shut off) $6.50
  • FRS Radios – WalkieTalkies for every member of family and make sure they take AA batteries – $20-$30 on Amazon

For your home

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector(s) $20-$30
  • Smoke Alarm
  • 9V batteries
  • Fire Extinguisher

Water Storage – Barrels 55 gallon

  • Costco / 8 unit pallet $729 (split with families)
  • Your Safety Place, Dublin $130
  • Case of water for each car
  • Water filter as an option

Food / Fuel

  • Costco and Shelf Reliance have great selections of emergency food that can cover 14 days to 6 months – Adjust to the size of your family
  • Extra propane tank for the BBQ


  • WoundSeal (stops bleeding) for your first aid kit
  • Auto first aid kit / emergency kit
  • Auto emergency tool
  • HAM radio / become certified
  • Solar charger / hand crank charger for cell phone

And for your New Year’s Resolution

  • Sign up for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) at www.firedepartment.org/communityoutreach
  • Become certified as a HAM Radio Operator
  Easy to search on Amazon.com or Costco.com for many of these items. Your Safety Place in Dublin, CA is a local source… I found nifty LED headlamps that were two for $4.88 at Home Depot as a Black Friday Special. There will be one in my families stocking this Christmas!

It is not a matter of IF you will need to be prepared  – it is a matter of WHEN … Do it this Christmas!

  (Download a Printable Version here.) Make sure to check the San Diego Printing Company services for this!!

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