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These quick essentials could be the difference in your survival!

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Water bottles and Critical Medicine for family members with special needs are important to have with you in the event that you are away from home in an emergency and cannot return home. The two items you should put in each of your cars tonight are Water Bottles (2 for each family member) and Essential Medicines. A 72 hour supply will be important  (don’t wait, we know what happens if you do not do it right away). Earlier I posted that you should have three emergency essentials at your bedside–shoes, whistle, flashlight. This is to cover you in the event you cannot return home for any length of time.  It may not be possible to get to the pharmacy for essential needs. Subscribe to my blog for periodic emergency preparedness tips!  Taking it on one step at a time will prepare you and your family in the event of an emergency.  Be prepared – it could save your life.

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