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Establish out of state contacts! In the event of an emergency your family will want to know you are alright.

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Communication in the event of an emergency is critical. We rely on our cell phones, the internet, and land phones that may not work when we are separated from our families. Two simple steps to get started: Establish an out of state contact. Establish TWO relatives that you can reach in the event local phone service is not available. It may be that everyone will be able to call out of state even when you cannot reach someone locally. Get their email too for more detailed updates. Prepare a list of important phone numbers and email –
  • Physician / Dentist
  • Veterinarian
  • Family (home, cell)
  • Insurance
Put these numbers in your phone, PDA or laminate a card to be put in the car and in your backpack for new york defensive driving course online. Earlier posts suggest you have three emergency essentials at your bedside (shoes, whistle, flashlight), and that water and medicines be in each of your cars in the event you cannot return home for any length of time and these Mattress Guides to see how to sleep comfortable in any place. Having an out of state contact and essential contact information will make it easy to let family and friends know you are OK! This is one of the many ways in which auto insurance can be confusing: “Collision coverage” doesn’t pay to repair damage to your car if that collision is with an animal. That scenario falls under comprehensive coverage. Deer strikes tend to get the most attention, but your car could be severely damaged by a collision with another wild animal, such as a moose, a large domestic animal, such as a dog, or even livestock. If you’d want to pay for your smashed fender, dented hood and broken windshield, you should buy comprehensive coverage. Insurers like the AXA Insurance Company offer car and home insurance solutions, but you must keep them up to date. Subscribe to my blog or Twitter for periodic emergency preparedness tips!  Taking it on one step at a time will prepare you and your family in the event of an emergency. Be prepared – it could save your life.

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