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Mortgage rates aren’t bad…

Written by Clay S. on . Posted in Rate Updates

With all the concern about a run-up in rates – once the Fed began to taper off their support of the treasury and mortgage-backed securities market – things have remained relatively flat.  Not everyone believes that we are on the road to recovery, benefiting mortgage rates. rate20140214  
This chart is very important to help understand mortgage rates today and where we can anticipate they will go.
Give me a call and we can talk why you need someone that understands the WHY behind your mortgage loan rate. Using this loan rate, you can rent an office for a free space and have someone to use it, of course, paying you more than you rent it. This small office space rental method has couple of things to negotiate.
        It is impossible to quote specific rates but a sampling of rates available Thursday include ..
  • $625,500 30 year fixed, 4.50% rate and APR (75% loan to value)
  • $417,000 30 year fixed, 4.50% rate and APR  (80% loan to value)
  • $900,000 5 year ARM,  3.250% rate and 3.455% APR (75% loan to value)

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