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Now is the time to have “the talk” with your parents! No, not THAT talk…

Written by Clay on . Posted in Family

“It’s the age-old question: When and how do we have “the talk?” No, not that one, but the dialogue on the other side of the lifetime spectrum, often just as difficult and delicate — the one about an aging family member’s driving abilities, housing transitions, costs of long-term care and even end-of-life instructions. Most of us, on either side of the discussion, would rather chew on nails than delve into these subjects. Yet as more and more baby boomers step into senior citizen territory and life expectancies continue to increase, such issues loom large. Even so, these talks don’t always have to be harrowing. While each individual, each family, each situation is different, most in the field of geriatric care agree the process is easier the earlier you start — when all parties are fully engaged — and say you should approach loved ones with respect and compassion, appreciating an individual’s need to retain independence.” Read the rest of this article in the Contra Costa Times HERE. Signet is an active participant in the Points of Life group here in Northern California, which helps families learn about the changes that come with loved ones aging. The group focuses on “Elder Ed” which includes the following:
  • Legal Rights and Obligations
  • Financial Rights and Options
  • Care Options
  • The Cost of Long Term Care
  • The Wants and Wishes of the Family and Loved Ones
  • The Need for Family Communication
  • Final Planning and much more
You can read more about Points of Life on the website www.pointsoflife.org If you’d like to know more about how Signet can help you have “the talk” just give us a call! 925-807-1500