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Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgage Types

The decision to get a reverse mortgage is as individual a decision as you are and the option selected must address your specific needs.  a reverse mortgage is not for everyone but can be a significant benefit when used properly. Whether or not you select a standard or saver program, or a fixed rate or variable rate reverse mortgage will depend on your individual circumstances.  Current market conditions may allow you to get a fixed reverse mortgage through Signet Mortgage without an origination fee.  A fixed rate reverse mortgage might make you feel comfortable but yet the expected interest rate over time for the variable rate reverse mortgage currently is lower. The most important criteria is to make sure your selection fits your specific needs. For example, let’s say you owned your home outright.  If your current need is to supplement your Social Security and other retirement income by say, $1000 per month… the variable-rate saver option might be enough to guarantee those payments for as long as you live in the home and leave a credit line in reserve that you could access for emergencies. Another example where you might have a current mortgage with monthly payments of $1000 per month.  In that case a fixed rate reverse mortgage might be the best option because it would eliminate the monthly mortgage payment which effectively would provide the additional cash flow to meet your needs. What you do need is the advice and counsel of an experienced loan officer to guide you through your choices and objectively present all of your options.  That is what we do it Signet Mortgage  … We educate you about the entire process and help you understand your choices and put you in control.