November 11, 2013

Prevent scam of fraudulent listings of your listing or rental property with simple steps…

Important steps that can be taken to prevent a fraudulent listing of your for-sale listing or rental property.  Setting up a standard Google “alert” for any property address that you have listed for sale or for rent – should the address show up almost anywhere on the Internet you will be alerted with a daily email.  You can also set up a specific search for craigslist. In addition you can search Google images for use of the photos you posted for your property. The following video was posted by the National Association of Realtors and covers these tips.  It is worth the 5 minutes to review.

One more excellent idea not covered was to “watermark” at an angle on each one of your property listing photos –  your company website address or phone number to prevent someone from copying the photos and fraudulently listing the property.

These ideas were discussed at a National Association of Residential Properties (NARPM) Chapter meeting last week.  If you are a property owner and want professional property management be sure to look for a chapter local to you.

And, a residential financing tip for you or your investment property owners … A little-known fact is the HARP program will allow the refinance of investment properties even when there is less than 25% equity!  Should you have need for professional advice on financing residential property … Please give me a call at 925-807-1500 x306.

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