May 30, 2019

LiveWell Financial ceased operations due to operating difficulty.  Here is the article that was published on May 6,2019. LiveWell Ceases Loan Originations

Clients with an existing Live Well loan – the servicing will be transferred to another servicer or taken over by FHA directly and all terms of your loan remain in place.  Clients who have a LiveWell loan in process – you will have to start over unfortunately. If an appraisal has been completed it is possible that it can be transferred.

If you are in the position of “starting over” please reach out – we can help!  We have access to all the leading reverse mortgage lenders and will work hard to make this happen for you.  To learn a bit more about Clay & Signet Mortgage give us a call / email and check out  Signet is licensed in CA, WA, OR, UT and ID.  

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