August 26, 2013

Can Help Retirees Keep Investments Until Right Time to Sell

No longer viewed as a last resort, a reverse mortgage is an important financial tool that can be used as a strategic piece of your financial plan.  A reverse mortgage can be used to avoid selling depressed investments or to provide cash flow at important times rather than taking taxable withdrawals from retirement accounts. The referenced article in the Wall Street Journal brings up a number of good points particularly in reference to the kids and “the family home”.  It has been my experience, and repeated in the article, that the kids really do not want the house and they are eager for their parents to use resources for a better life.  I love Mr. Salters solution to talking with their kids about a potential reverse mortgage … “my first answer, when people ask how to approach the kids, is asked them if they have an extra room in their house for their parents”  I am going to use that! If you would like to talk with a mortgage advisor who thinks long-term and strategically about your financial investments including your liabilities – please give me a call at 925-807-1500 x303

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