You will absolutely love working with the team at Signet Mortgage Corporation. Signet Mortgage is small enough that anyone in the office can get an answer to your question.  We utilize a shared email for the entire Team so that we can be sure to get on your request immediately.

It’s my pleasure to briefly introduce the team…

Mary has 38 years of experience in retail banking, mortgage and customer service.  Her experience coupled with a strong desire to help borrowers with their home lending needs and goals is invaluable to our team.  She joined Signet as a senior mortgage analyst and works hard to process and close out loans.  When Mary is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, painting and traveling.

Joy will generally be the individual submitting your loan to the lender.  This roll is very important to submit complete files helping the underwriting process go as smooth as possible.  Joy has a background in property management and real estate and is excited to be a part of the Signet Team.  Joy and her husband have a teenage daughter and young son.  They enjoy exploring new places in their free time.

Samantha is a great addition to the team.  Her attention to detail and outgoing nature make her a valuable individual when processing requests and organizing files.

Michelle works from sunny Arizona and is invaluable working in the background keeping our client and partner communications on track; including the website and marketing. Mostly Michelle is in charge of “coolness” at Signet Mortgage.  She has her husband, three children and a tortoise currently living at home.

Sandy G is a 30+ year veteran of the mortgage industry having run her own wholesale mortgage company. Sandy’s experience comes in particularly useful when we want to qualify a borrower in an unusual situation.  Sandy is semi-retired, living in west Reno with Michael.  She is gracious to help out when needed and her experience is invaluable.

Clay gets to “drive the bus” and has the most fun helping clients realize their dreams of home ownership and investments. Almost every day starts out with a hike in the hills behind his home with his border collies.

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