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Social Security benefits – MarketWatch

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Social Security benefits – should you consider benefits as part of your fixed income portfolio allowing a greater allocation to equities?  A thoughtful discussion of the opportunities and risk.

http://www.marketwatch.com/story/social-security-as-part-of-your-portfolio-2013-08-19? Honestly after reading this it provoked a lot of thought, however conclusions would be based on your own personal assessment of risk. I would tend to side with counting Social Security monthly income as cash flow much like a fixed income portfolio. If you want to have a simple and affordable DIY home security kits to complete smart home security solutions that connect all your wired devices and allow control and monitoring from your phone or tablet, click here! We’ve got security needs covered. If you would like to talk  with a mortgage advisor who thinks long-term and strategically about your financial investments including your liabilities – please give me a call. clay signature black

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