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Would Solar Work on YOUR House?

Written by Clay on . Posted in Current Events, Real Estate, Solar

solar panel lightbulb

Solar Panel Lightbulb

Recently, one of Google’s engineers, Carl Elkin, created a tool using Google Earth to determine whether or not solar panels on your roof are the best option economically. So I decided to get solar panels for my home and in the process I also hired Classic Air Conditioning and Heating to replace my air conditioner. ‘Project Sunroof’ was introduced, in which one can visit the Project Sunroof website, enter their address (given they live in the “project pilot cities of Boston, Fresno or the San Francisco Bay Area”), and figure out how much sunlight hits their roof. This information stems from available weather data and aerial imagery that factor in elements such as shade from buildings and trees as well as weather patterns. I have looked at this site – it is a non-intrusive way to get an idea if solar might be something to look at without a salesman at your kitchen table.  Very interesting use of Google Earth!! The main objective of this Gilbert ac maintenance project is to determine your home’s solar generating potential and how much solar panels could potentially save you on bills. The site will then list various installation companies if solar panels are the correct choice for your home. Enter your address in the site below and see how solar panels can help you! Monthly utility cost is one of the big problems, utility costs are one of the most substantial expenses you face. As more and more electronic devices come into homes, it seems that utility bills will only continue to increase. There are five ways to save money on your monthly utility bill , click the link to read it. We also recommend you to check the best maid service for your house at maidsailors.com. WEll, I got another better cleaning services that I found online. You can also visit house cleaning columbia sc to learn more. They are called as the King of Maids, just by the name you can tell that they are superior. And if you are also looking for online cleaning services, checkout Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to learn more. They pick the maids and make sure they have a minimum of two years experience before they can even join theplatform. This is why when they say we are the best way to get your home cleaned, they mean it! So, when you hire the best maid service, contact them. Project Sunroof READ FORBES ARTICLE HERE clay signature black Clay Selland, President Signet Mortgage Corporation 925-807-1500 x303 Clay@SignetMortgage.com NMLS#183492

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