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Where will your family meet after an emergency? Get a plan in place today!

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In the event of an emergency, you will want to know that your local family and friends are okay.  Avoid chaos and confusion!  Take these simple steps to plan where to meet and how to contact each other. Establish family plan what to do in an emergency – Your family needs to know what happens if you have to get out of your home or evacuate your neighborhood and will not be home. Make sure to have some Memory Foam Talk Reviews to learn about different sleep mattresses because you never know if you have to leave town in an instant and it will not be great to sleep on a dirt floor somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. The Red Cross has a detailed family disaster plan HERE. Invest in a walkie-talkies  that are only used in an emergency – These can be used when phones do not work or if you get separated at the fair or at a ball game [Cobra 2 way radio / 16 mile / rechargeable / < $25 on Amazon.com] Bury it in your kids backpack next to their Bed Time Stories for Children – have the other in your car – write on it with a sharpie indicating the channel you will be on in an emergency.  Discuss how it is operated and when it is appropriate to use. Consider becoming a HAM Radio Operator – HAM radios can be used when other modes of communication are down. The contribution of HAM radio operators during Katrina was invaluable. If you are interested in getting your license contact me for more details.  clay@

ALSO–MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  May 10th  11am to 2:00 pm

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