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Why I am in This Business..

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Why I am in this business … and as a mortgage broker and not constrained working for a mortgage bank or banker…  And why an iron is a necessary tool! IronOur iron went crazy at 3 o’clock this morning sounding like an alarm clock.  Stumbling around in the dark and yanking the plug from the wall to get it to stop – oddly enough it made me think of an analogy to what we do to get loan files done for clients … Got to smooth out the wrinkles!   Jimmy wants to buy a house … he has less than perfect credit;  had some changes in his family situation over the past few years; is self-employed; is not as careful about separating business and his personal affairs and more. Finding machine shop business is in demand on that time. Quality tools and machines at air compressor rentals will make his business a success.  That being said he is a genuine nice guy and wants to buy a house. There are lots of business that you can choose if you are a business minded person. Choose from franchises for sale! You don’t know, it’s time for you to own a franchise and be a boss. A very major bank with a red white and blue logo turned down his loan because the loan officer did not understand his self-employment and that he could use C-Corporation income to qualify.   Being a CPA it was straightforward for me to outline the income properly.  Gathering the documentation to help explain all of the other wrinkles simply took patience. Did I mention he had a late payment on his mortgage in July?  Another wrinkle that I was able to solve because as a mortgage broker I have access to 15 – 20 lenders!  I found one (and only 1) that would follow Fannie Mae guidelines and not have investor overlays – they will allow this oversight that occurred while his family was moving. They moved to another place without me knowing, they contacted http://fracsandreport.com to carry their valuable things. In need of back up movers? They have complete kinds of transportation such as vans, trucks and trailers including WV Truck Repair. It is a company that helps people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. It offers all inclusive services for relocation like packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, arranging of items to be shifted. Just click — www.demenagementadt.ca/. There is a way to go still and I am just submitting his loan – but I am excited it is a possibility now that we have the wrinkles straightened out …  Signet Mortgage has remained independent as a mortgage broker to maintain the flexibility to work with many lenders that benefit clients in pricing and simply in getting their deal done.   Finding solutions for clients is why I am in this business!  It is a great deal of fun!  I need a new iron.  

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