Buy or Sell in 2023

Should You Buy or Sell Your Home in 2023? Are you wondering if there are benefits to buying a home in the existing market? Theanswer is yes for many reasons.1. Rising Property ValuesLet’s begin with a big one and that is rising property values. Interest rates are notthe only thing that increased over the past… Continue reading Buy or Sell in 2023

Fire your landlord in 2023

Fire Your Landlord in 2023!If you are tired of paying your landlord’s mortgage and have decided that 2023 is theyear you are going to start building your own wealth and not your landlord’s, then payattention! I am going to share exactly what you need to buy your own home in 2023.Why is this important? Owning… Continue reading Fire your landlord in 2023

The 2-1 Buydown Strategy

2:1 Buydown Strategy is Marketed a lot –but it is a Good Idea? A “2:1 buydown strategy” is marketed heavily as a way to lower payments for a homebuyersince interest rates have jumped up. It can help sellers market their property and attract a buyer.It can help a buyer with lower payments in the first… Continue reading The 2-1 Buydown Strategy

What to do When the Appraisal Comes in Lower Then the Sales Price

WHAT DO TO WHEN THE APPRAISAL COMES IN LOWERTHEN THE SALES PRICE In today’s market it is not unusual to make an offer on a house and have the appraisalcome in lower than your offer. You may be wondering what you should do, and can youeven get financing for your home if the appraisal comes… Continue reading What to do When the Appraisal Comes in Lower Then the Sales Price

Advantages to Buying a Duplex

Advantages to Buying a Duplex Whether you are buying your first home, or a home to get your parents closer to you, you maywant to consider buying a duplex. This may sound crazy, but there are several advantages to buying a duplex, including beingable to live in one side and rent out the other side,… Continue reading Advantages to Buying a Duplex

Closing Documents

  Documentation You Need for Closing Important documents you will need to close on your home loan.There are both state and local laws that will dictate the documents you need for closingas well as how you will close on your home loan. Although these laws vary, themortgage loan settlement has many very standard legal documents… Continue reading Closing Documents