• We handle the contract to closing so you don’t have to worry about it.
    Great communication.
    No drama.
  • Partner with Clay as your "go to" mortgage advisor and a partner you trust to handle your client relationship with the same care you do.
  • Free your time
    (and mind) for new business and growth.

Finding the perfect financing solution
isn’t so easy

Relying on a loan advisor you are not familiar with adds insecurity and stress.

It’s frustrating not knowing the status of your files and even worse, not being sure who to
reach out to. Meanwhile your clients are still asking!

It’s a headache when you know there must be a way – but the loan officer or underwriter
has moved on and is not fighting for your client.

Communication and accountability are the keys to get every transaction done – and done right

Partnering with Signet Mortgage means less worry and frees you up to help more clients. Updates every week from pre-approval, contract and transaction closing.

A partner that can anticipate issues and deal with them in a constructive and timely way.

Working with a small but mighty team with access to big things will get your transaction done!

A successful close means happy clients, which means more clients refer you (and me!)

We keep in touch and reach out to you whenever we have news about our mutual client or when they may need something.

Partner with Clay as your "go to" mortgage financing resource

Clients look to their realtor for more than a new house. It can be all encompassing and the best are “connectors” surrounded by carefully chosen professionals to help make their clients' dreams come together.

Over almost 20 years, we have helped hundreds of clients with purchase transactions solving BIG wrinkles with a great deal of persistence.

I am a CPA, and have been immersed in finance my entire career, so I have a unique perspective that incorporates life experience, finances, taxes and family.

I know how to focus on making things happen.

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What our Clients Say

What We Do

Real Estate Mortgages

Conforming, Jumbo, VA, FHA, USDA and Renovation Loans.
Strategy in financing a home or investment property purchase, First Time Homebuyers and those working towards their forever home.

Follow up like Green on a Pickle

Your client may be looking for months or longer. Keeping BOTH of us top of mind makes it happen when they are ready. We follow up every Thursday with clients “pre-approved and looking” and provide regular updates.

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

Preserve retirement funds and purchase a home with less cash and still no mortgage payments. It’s fantastic to make it happen for our over 55 clients! This needs to be an option you share with clients!


HECM for Purchase can Help Clients 55+ Achieve a Dream of Home Ownership


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Challenge me with scenarios that are getting in the way of a successful pre approval or closing.


Make sure all your transactions get to the closing table the right way by letting us handle the rest and allow you to get back to what you do best!

Top 4 things you need to know about
partnering with me

  • I respect your client relationship and how valuable that is.
  • If there is a way to get a deal done I will find it.
  • I do not cherry pick clients and enjoy the chase finding solutions
    to scenarios with “wrinkles”. I find joy is making things happen for a family.
  • Experience as a CPA, years in corporate finance and Signet
    for 20 years along with managing the later stages in life for five
    relatives allows me to bring a personal perspective to the work.
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What happens when you choose to work with Signet

You have done the hard part getting your clients under contract. That is where we take over. Consider it done. Focus on the next family you can help find their perfect home.

We get your deal done, no drama and done on time.

  • Pre-qualify your borrower and get them fully approved as a TBD property
  • Communicate with all parties in the transaction every Thursday so you do not get the calls
  • Avoid drama by getting after it from first day under contract
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