• Housing debt often exceeds investable assets. Managed properly can benefit overall retirement plan success.
  • Incorporating Home Equity in client's financial plans can help accomplish more than they dreamed of in retirement
  • Work with a partner you can trust to handle your client relationship with the same care as you do

Real Estate Financing Decisions can be
Smart OR Not So Smart. Knowing
the difference is the key to building equity.

  • Sending a client off to find their own mortgage loan means you miss
    the opportunity to position yourself as a trusted resource
  • Most clients do not receive options and choices of loan strategy.
    The lowest rate is seldom the best choice.
  • Without a funding option outside of a portfolio draw, market
    volatility will greatly reduce the probability of a retirement plan success.
  • Recommending a course of action without considering home equity might
    miss an important option to improve outcomes for your client.

Strategy applied to real estate financing will benefit every financial plan


Help clients find the loan options tailored to their present circumstances as well as their short and long term goals.


Solutions that will address your clients need for cash out, improving payments, and consolidating debt.


Strategically accessing home equity will improve the outcome of any retirement plan.

Helping clients find the right loan to meet changing circumstances will maximize housing wealth.

Responsibility for a client's financial plan is all encompassing and requires reliance on carefully chosen experts in their field.

Over almost 20 years, we have helped hundreds of clients with purchase and refinance transactions and access over $50 million of home equity to help in their retirement.

I am a CPA, and around finance my entire career, so I have a unique perspective that incorporates life, finances, taxes and family in retirement.

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What our Clients Say

Partner with Clay as your "go to" mortgage advisor resource

    • Partner with a guide that has an extensive financial background and is a CPA, Explore options that incorporate tax, cash flow and clients situation applying strategy to finance their real estate.
    • Alternative source of funds in a down market helps clients preserve their portfolio.
    • Helping clients safely access home equity and have a better retirement provides comfort and security to plan for and manage future bumps in the road.
    • The lowest rate is seldom the best choice. Not properly considering the closing costs and the expected timeline can be the difference between a successful and failed transaction.
    • Left in reserve or used to improve monthly cash flow, a reverse mortgage can be the difference in the success of any retirement plan.

What We Offer

Conventional Mortgage

Conforming, Jumbo, VA, FHA, USDA, and Renovation Loans.
Strategies for financing a home or investment property purchase, First Time Homebuyers and those working towards their forever home.


Strategic perspective in advising refinance options that help clients achieve short and long term goals for their family.

Reverse Mortgage

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and Home Safe jumbo mortgages up to $4 million. Access home equity wisely and improve retirement outcomes.


Four Awesome Ways Financial Advisors can Help Clients Improve Retirement Outcomes


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Top 4 things you need to know about
partnering with me

I respect your client relationship and how valuable that is.

If there is a way to get a deal done, I will find it.

I do not cherry pick clients and enjoy the chase finding solutions
to unique or complicated scenarios. I find joy in making things happen for a family.

Experience as a CPA, years in corporate finance and Signet Mortgage
for 20 years, along with managing the later stages in life for five of
my relatives allows me to bring a personal perspective to all the work I do.