Erik C.

When I wanted to refinance my mortgage, my first step was to search for an financial expert who was independent of a lending institution. Since nearly all consumer loans are bundled and sold off to a government backed agency, I cared less about the initial lending institution and more about the person I was going to deal with during the loan process and the servicing of loan in the years to follow. Dealing with a principal of a smaller company meant more to me than dealing with an employee doing a job at a large company. Did my homework, made a lot of phone calls, found Clay, a CPA by training, interviewed him by phone, then drove the 45 miles to get a feel for his office and staff. Found Clay to be straightforward, down-to-earth, and well-versed in what options were available to me. He had working relationships with numerous lenders, found a loan at a rate better than my bank would offer, kept me informed at every step of the process, and the process was painless. Six years later, I have had no problems. And, when I have had questions, I have talked with Clay, rather than the lender, and have always gotten fast, candid answers. A total pro.